JCP&L Energy Efficiency Rebate and Incentive Programs

Jersey Central Power and Light offers the Energy Solutions for Business Program to commercial, industrial, and non-residential customers in FirstEnergy’s New Jersey service area. The program includes Energy Management, Engineered Solutions, Direct Install, Prescriptive, Custom Equipment, Custom Building Improvements.

Additionally, JCP&L offers financing options for energy efficiency measures to make them more accessible and cost-effective for end-user customers.

JCP&L Energy Efficiency Rebate and Incentive Programs

Direct Install Program

Turnkey solutions for small business customers. Eligible equipment includes LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, controls, refrigeration, food services, motors, variable frequency drives and efficient water heating measures. Program may cover up to 70% or 80% of project costs.

Prescriptive Program

Eligible equipment includes lighting and lighting controls, HVAC, motors and drives, refrigeration, water heaters, food services equipment, commercial appliances and office equipment.

Custom Equipment

Eligible projects include compressed air, custom HVAC/chillers/controls, process improvements, data center, custom refrigeration, custom motors drives, facility/process audit and customer-specific energy efficiency equipment that do not meet the eligibility criteria of other business programs.

Working with M&M

Your Energy Efficiency and Utility Rebate Partner

M&M has provided energy efficiency project design, build, and deployment services since 1979. We know how to leverage energy efficiency and utility programs to boost your business’s efficiency and drive down energy-related experiences. So if you’re ready to drive greater energy efficiency in your facility or have failing equipment, let’s get to work leveraging your utility’s rebate and incentive programs.

JCP&L Rebate and Incentive Programs for Existing Buildings

JCP&L provides efficiency programs that can help your business save on energy costs. JCP&L energy advisors and program administrators will guide you through energy-saving upgrade options and help your business get the best possible deal. Best of all, incentives are available that cover up to 80% of the installed project cost. To make upgrading even simpler and more cost-effective, qualifying customers may be eligible for 0% financing up to a 5-year term.

Prescriptive Incentives – JCP&L

Prescriptive Incentives – JCP&L

Our Prescriptive program offers quick incentives for high-efficiency electric equipment. Pre-approval is required, but you can still apply for incentives within 180 days of project completion.

Custom Incentives – JCP&L

Custom Incentives – JCP&L

Receive tailored energy-saving incentives for custom projects through our Custom program. We provide performance-based incentives in $/kWh for multi-measure or optimization projects. Contact us for pre-approval before equipment purchase.

Direct Install Program – JCP&L

Direct Install Program – JCP&L

The Direct Install Program provides turnkey solutions, choosing the best products for your upgrade, managing the installation process, and providing enhanced warranty support.

Jersey Central Power & Electric - Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing

Jersey Central Power & Light offers 0% financing for energy-efficiency upgrades to commercial account holders.

Let's Get To Work!

Start leveraging your utility rebate and incentive program by scheduling your on-site assessment. It’s as easy as clicking the link below, telling us about your business, and one of M&M Energy Solution’s technicians will discuss the utility programs you qualify for and get an on-site assessment booked.

JCP&L Service Areas

Atlantic City Electric Service Area

JCP&L’s service territory includes businesses located in North and Central Jersey.
Here is a full list of areas served by JCP&L.

Not covered by JCP&L service territory? No problem! M&M Energy Solutions is a valued trade ally and utility approved contractor for New Jersey and Connecticut utilities, including: PSE&G, NJ Natural Gas, JCP&L, Eversource.

For more information about these utility programs and to get started with your free on-site assessment, email us at or call us at 1.800.593.1521.