Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives from PSE&G

PSE&G Energy Efficiency Programs

The new utility-managed Direct Install (DI) energy efficiency program is designed to provide generous incentives for comprehensive energy efficiency projects. When combined with PSE&G’s five year 0% OBRP, this program makes upgrading to high-efficiency equipment a budget-friendly pathway to saving energy, money, and the environment.

About PSE&G

PSE&G, part of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG), is a long-established energy company based in Newark, N.J., playing a vital role in New Jersey's economy and quality of life. PSEG's main subsidiaries are Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G), PSEG Power, and PSEG Long Island.

PSE&G Energy Efficiency and Incentive Programs

Direct Install Program

This program delivers cost-effective energy efficiency equipment to eligible PSE&G business customers, with financial incentives to reduce upfront costs. You can also choose a five-year, interest-free repayment plan, billed on your monthly PSE&G statement.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Upgrading old equipment is a wise step toward efficiency. Newer equipment is more cost-effective, consumes less energy, and reduces unexpected maintenance. You can apply for incentives or get instant rebates on various energy-efficient equipment, including lighting, appliances, HVAC systems, and more.

Custom Incentives

As part of PSE&G's Clean Energy Future Program, the Custom Program encourages the installation of energy-efficient equipment and offers flexibility for custom energy-saving projects. You can opt for a comprehensive solution for energy-efficient products or tailor energy-efficient solutions to match your facility's specific needs.

Working with M&M

Your Energy Efficiency and Utility Rebate Partner

M&M Energy Solutions has provided energy efficiency project design, build, and deployment services since 1979. We know how to leverage energy efficiency and utility programs to boost your business’s efficiency and drive down energy-related experiences. So if you’re ready to drive greater energy efficiency in your facility or have failing equipment, let’s get to work leveraging your utility’s rebate and incentive programs.

Your Energy Efficiency and Utility Rebate Partner

When you run a small business or non-profit, every decision is a big one—and every penny counts. PSE&G’s Direct Install Program helps uncover hidden energy savings in your facilities that can cut your energy costs.

Eligible Upgrades


Incentive Programs

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Upgrading to newer, more efficient equipment is a wise step for better efficiency and cost savings. You can apply for incentives or get instant rebates on a range of energy-efficient equipment, such as lighting, appliances, HVAC systems, and more.

Custom Efficiency Projects

For businesses with unique energy-saving needs or innovative custom projects, we’re ready to collaborate on comprehensive solutions.

Let's Boost Your Business!

M&M Energy Solutions energy professionals are ready to help boost your business with energy efficiency upgrades and leverage utility rebates and incentive programs to drive ROI and savings. So let’s get to work!

PSE&G Service Areas


PSE&G’s service territory includes businesses located in portions of Central Jersey.
Here is a full list of areas served by PSE&G.

Not covered by PSE&G service territory? No problem! M&M Energy Solutions is a valued trade ally and utility-approved contractor for New Jersey and Connecticut utilities, including PSE&G, NJ Natural Gas, JCP&L, and Eversource.

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